What is Data-Maniac ?

Data-Maniac is a blog for architect or project managers who are working on big data :

  • Data Management
  • Data Analystics
  • Data Science

We will share methodologies, uses, architectures and news related to Big Data.

Who is the author ?

Magali Barreau-Combeau / Magali Marion


Data-Maniac was created by Magali Marion (or Magali Barreau-Combeau for those who knew me before my wedding).

I work a little more than 20 years now, with a varied experience on the CRM or Business Intelligence projects, always with a double looks, functional and technical. Initially an expert in Marketing CRM (Siebel Marketing), I have worked for many years on modeling data with very high volume. I recently trained in Data Science.

Currently a Data Architect at OVH, I deal with many subjects on the whole spectrum of the data professions: data management, data analysis, data science.

What will this Blog contain?

In addition to my own post, this blog will be openeed to other authors, either to co-write an article, or to publish an article in solo. Contact me if you are interested.